Tribute Time

Sat., Mar. 6, 2021 / 0700 / Copley High School



Pledge of Allegiance
Full body warm up with reverse mosey around track


The Thang-pax tributes listed after exercises:
1-coupon work-20 curls/10 straight leg deadlifts 4ct 
2-backwards sprint to opposite end zone 
3-monkey humpers 25 4ct  (groaning begins)
4-lunge walk to opposite sideline plank to 6 
5-Garth brooks each leg 10 4ct 
6-hill work partner up-one partner sprints up hill backwards  while other does surrenders . Each partner goes twice. Plank to 6. (Great encouragement of the pax.  Was awesome to see and hear all of the positive support!)
7-slow tappy taps for stretch followed by starting at end zone going to opposite end zone 10 lunge steps/20 jog steps/30 sprint steps plank to 6 
8-coupon swings 20 oyo  “swing-em”thanks  for demo
9-backwards sprint to opposite end zone 
10-Bonnie Blair’s 10 4ct (lots of groans from pax) 
11-lunge walk to opposite sideline 
12-toe taps 10 each side 4ct 
13-10 lunge steps/20 jog steps/30 sprint steps plank to 6 
14-coupon work: 52 curls  birthday tribute! (Btw wasn’t scripted just asked him to lead at least 20 curls or more. Super props for killing the :muscle:)
15-10 lieutenant Dan’s 4ct 


Pax took turns leading Mary each 10 ct
Pickle pointers 
Big boy sit-ups 
Leg lifts 
Windshield wipers 
Pass the butter 
Hallow holds 
Flutter kicks 
LBC @Bison
Freddie Mercury 
Side plank dips 
Pickle pounders 
Hip rock and raise 
Dr. W’s  


Good news is after that much Mary it made us forget about our legs.