The Bob Evans

Thu., Aug. 19, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



knee raises, hillbillies, arm circles, PVC pipe: overheads, round the world, pass through, leg swings


The Bob Evans
Pax spread out over track with 2 coupons each, farmers carry around track until you had to set them down, then run to next set of blocks and continue to carry.  If you were passed by someone with blocks and you were empty handed you owed 3 burpees.  Shoutout to  @Mayem   who wore weight vests.


Captain Thor


Praise and prayers for @Toe Pick as they foster another child. Praises to @FLO @Stark @Iced-T for still posting while injured. Special thanks to @JarJar for providing more coupons and prayers for his car.:joy: The words of the day come from Dr. Rob Bell and his book “Puke and Rally” (love the title!). His book is about overcoming obstacles and being able to comeback from defeat. In it he states “Don’t let a win go to your head, don’t let a loss go to your heart”. Thanks for allowing me to lead you men and great effort this morning.