Suffering together

Tue., Jan. 19, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Full body warmup


2 rounds
  1. Seated press
  2. Tricep extension
  3. Seated twists (weighted pass the butter)
  4. 2 hand kB swing
  5. Lateral lunges
  6. Weighted flutter kicks
  7. Thrusters
  8. Sprinter lunges
  9. Squat thrust – alternating clean & press


great to see @Happy Feet & @Toe Pick back out in the gloom with us! Prayer requests: @Happy Feet’s grandfather Richard who has been dig nosed with cancer. @S'mores’ step mom having heart surgery. @JonBoy and family on the arrival of their baby any day now! “For whom the bell tolls” is from a book by author John Donne and it basically talks about how the entire human race is one entity and how we are all responsible for one another. Thought this was very much in keeping with the spirit and direction of our group especially as we just celebrated MLK day.