Pax Training

Mon., Aug. 16, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Warm-up: Neck rolls (of course), Arm Circles (forwards and backwards), Overhead Claps, Seal Claps, Bear Squats, Tappy Taps, Some sort of hip thing that  wanted to do-Mosey to the grass football practice field while grabbing some coupons


Boomivator – SSH with a burpee every time you heard “Boom!”  (Music by P.O.D. song “Boom” 3 minutes and 9 seconds)Training Camp – Shorten version of “Wheel of Misfortune” from Iron Pax 2020 (Link to the original one is below)
-10 Thrusters with coupon
-20 yard Rifle Carry with coupon
-Exercise X25
-20 yard Rifle Carry back to the goal lineExercises: Decline Merkins, Manmakers (AKA Blockes or Burpess with a Block), Squats, Swings, Chest Press with vertical block, Alpos (High pulls with coupons)6MOM:


Big Boys X50


Praises to @Valdez for completing the round of exercises first and earning himself a second round.  Prayers for @Software son Finkle who is dealing with being away from home for the first time and playing college football.  Prayers for all those people @JarJar is trying to help with domestic violence.  Prayers for Haiti and all the people affected by the natural disaster.  Prayers for@Comeback Kid and all of F3 nation for dealing with all the work that life throws at you.  Finally, if I missed any prayers I apologize, but we are thinking of you.TOD - Do not get discouraged by the challenge of the workout, embrace the opportunity to take small steps forward towards improving yourself.