WOD Friday

Modified Murphish

Fri., Apr. 1, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Finch , Garcia , JonBoy , Sasoon , Turbo

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SSH, neck and shoulder rolls, Tappy Taps, Cossack Stretches, Mosey lap around track to get coupons


Modified Murph (not), audibled to coupon beatdown only to find out coupons have been chained together by the school. Investigation under way.

The Real Thang: String of Pearls without coupons – follow the leader snake style yard line run with exercise at each 10 yard line, reps matching where we are on the field. 10 burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Big Boys, 40 Lunges, 50 Air Squats and back down the ladder for 40 Mountain Climbers, 30 Big Boys, 20 Pike Push-ups, 10 Burpees, mosey to short wall for 60 dips, to tall wall for 90 second wall squat, back to short wall for 60 seconds Step Ups


Plank hold for 60 count, Heal Touches, American Hammers, Heals to Heaven, left and right side Hip Raises


Thought for today is to not think of ourselves but to focus on others. Model Jesus who woke up every day only to do the will of the Father. That is to love others. Reach out to someone you haven't talked to for awhile. Embrace and celebrate others today. Be outward focused.