The Tomahawk

6 Motivators

Sat., Apr. 2, 2022 / 0700 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , Convoy , DeepDish , FLO , Flanders , Garcia , Halfpipe , Hamm , Hardware , IcyHot , Katniss , Pitfall , SloMo , Stafford , Turbo

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Snake run through the field with 6 full Saturday Motivators. Unofficial F3 record!
Merkin contest: @Flanders was the last PAX when we stopped at 58.


Praise to all the FNG’s that came out this morning. My message was about the running joke of my passion for the motivator. The motivator is a symbol of the progress I have made in my journey. When I was getting started, I was unable to complete half of a motivator. We all improve each time we post. Thanks for allowing me the privilege to lead!