Modes of traveling with Burpee Pyramid

Mon., Apr. 12, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Arm circles, M Phelps, Warrior, Shoulder Circles, Imperial Walker, Abe Vigoda


Modes of traveling with Burpee Pyramid:
100 yards of different modes of traveling with stops each 25yards to alternate between Burpee Pyramid and plank/plank jacks until six is in. Repeat with different 100 yard movement until Burpee Pyramid finished from 10 to 1 and back up to 10 for a total of 110 Burpees.
Modes of traveling:
1. Backwards, (10+9 Burpees)
2. Lunge walk, (8+7 Burpees)
3. Sprint, (6+5 Burpees)
4. Duck walk, (4+3 Burpees)
5. Side skips left, (2+1 Burpees)
6. Bear crawl, (1+2 Burpees)
7. Side skips right, (3+4 Burpees)
8. Broad jump, (5+6 Burpees)
9. High Knees, (7+8 Burpees)
10. Skipping, (9+10 Burpees)


40 Butterfly Crunch
20 Pickle Pointer
20 Jackknife Crunch


Thanks to @Kermit from F3 Nolensville for this workout and as encouragement that new workouts and Qs bring refreshing elements of pain. Thought of the day: Replacing something is easier than stopping with something.