The Tomahawk

Minus 8 degrees of fun

Sat., Jan. 22, 2022 / 0700 / Copley High School



Blitzkrieg , Comeback Kid , FLO , FlyGuy , Garcia , Hardware , IcyHot , Katniss , SloMo , Software , Turbo , WarmWater

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Mini Motivator from 5, various stretches, Mini Motivator from 5


Minus 8 Degrees Fun2 Rounds of the below exercises were completed with intervals of 40 seconds/20 seconds off. After each round the Pax did an Indigenous People Run around the parking lot (2-3 laps).

Pike Push-ups
Overhead Air Presses
High Plank/SSH
Shoulder Taps
Elbow Plank/SSH
Money Humpers

Cooldown: Mini Motivator from 5


We are often wrong about failure. It seems we’ve decided that if we ever experience failure, then we are failures. It’s not true. Failure is an integral part to human life, the way God designed it. Failure refines us. We mature through failures because we learn from them—much more than from successes. Through failures our character is formed. No man can become who he’s supposed to become without experiencing some failure in his life. Thanks to @FLO for the HOT coffee at Cardinal. Thanks for letting me lead you and joining me in the coldest workout if F3 Copley recorded History.