WOD Friday

Catch me if you can

Fri., May. 6, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Finch , Garcia , IcyHot , JonBoy

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Started with a warmup lap around the track to grab some bricks
Proceeded to the goal line and alternated between doing a Catch Me If You Can set and a “Shoulder Combination” set
Catch Me If You Can entails one partner on the goal line sprinting forward while the other partner started on the 35 in a backpedal and the goal as the name states is for the forward sprinting partner to catch the other. If not caught, backpedaling partner would move 5 yards closer. Ended up doing 6 sets (12 sprints + plus 2 bonus 100 yd warm up runs)
Shoulder Combination is a front raise, side raise and then overhead press with the brick as one rep. Did 2 sets of 15, a set of 20 and a set of 25 between the Catch Me If You Can series. Then, switched to a brick hold for 2 minutes in side raise position for a set (fun was not had by all Pax during this one) and the last set was a 10 Merkin / 40 Press Jack Webb
Finished with a little Mary. 15 – 4 count Flutter kicks and then a leg lift hold for about 45 seconds


Message today was from an interview I saw with former Ohio State offensive lineman Harry Miller and Ohio State football coach Ryan Day. Harry has been in the news recently sharing his battle with mental health that caused his retirement from football. In the interview he refers to competing against "the world's greatest salesman" when facing his demons and that really caught my attention. If God is real, then we know Satan is real as well and we're in a fight every day even if we don't feel like it. The World's Greatest Salesman is working against us trying to get us away from God and into worldly things. It's different for each person individually, but often starts with temptation and trying to rationalize a decision even when you know it's not quite right morally or not exactly how you should be moving forward. Here's the link to the video. He makes the comment at 1:03: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90NJIpc8HJE