The Beastmother

VO2Max Accelerated Intermittent Intervals

Thu., May. 5, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , Crew Chief , Dr.Claw , Finch , Hardware , IcyHot , Turbo , WarmWater

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9 pax were shocked and surprised this morning when they discovered that the VO2Max Accelerated Intermittent Interval test was actually… The Beep Test!
Those still coming to terms with this were @Dr. Claw @Comeback Kid @Crew Chief @Hardware @Turbo @Finch @Icy Hot @Garcia and a welcome back to @Warm Water.
Praises to @Garcia who pushed the record to 10.3, can anyone challenge?
Also SURPRISE most PR’d again… something in the water? Or is it the consistency? hmmm..

Finished with 5 min of pull-ups and a 1 mile run with 10 merkins at the corners, to accumulate some points.


Prayers for those healing with injuries. And prayers for those with the hidden injuries. There are 1440 min in a day, if we took 5 of those minutes and applied it to a skill daily, how good would we become. It's small things done consistently, everyday, that create us. Find your building blocks and do it everyday. Thanks again for leadership opportunity, truly a joy.