The Tomahawk


Sat., May. 7, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , Convoy , Dr.Claw , FLO , FNG , Flanders , Garcia , Halfpipe , Hardware , Mayhem , SloMo , Stafford , Turbo , WarmWater

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Full body Warm-up


Flight simulator (need jump rope)
1-20 double unders or 2x singles
CrossFit WOD
‘Fight Gone Bad!’
3 rounds of:
1 minute wall-ball shots
1 minute SDHP
1 minute box jump
1 minute push press
1 minute 20 yard sprint
1 minute rest.
“Pacing is Resting”


Don't be discouraged. If the load gets too heavy, set it down, take a break, and pick it back up and go... If you stumble, getup, straiten up and go...Yesterday is over, It's a new day get after it...Have. goal but make sure you are focused, because even an un-aimed arrow hits a target. Love you guys!!