7 of Diamonds

Thu., Jul. 8, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School





Total of 4 stations. Station 1 at corner of sideline and end zone, Station 2 at corner of sideline and end zone on the other side of the field, Station 3 at the corner of 50 yd line and sideline, Station 4 at corner of 50 yd line and sideline on other side of the field. Yes , this technically made a rectangle and not a diamond, but geometry at 5:30am is not a strong suite.
Station 1 was the only station with coupons.  After performing the exercise at each station, PAX would sprint to the next station and plank to the 6.
Round 1: Station 1 = 7 Manmakers, Stations 2-4 = 7 Burpees
Round 2: Station 1 = 14 Coupon lunges, Stations 2-4 = 14 Lt. Dan’s (each leg counts as 1)
Round 3: Station 1 =  21 Alternating coupon merkins (21 each side), Stations 2-4 = 21 Merkins
Round 4: Station 1 = 28 Coupon squats, Stations 2-4 28 Body wt squats


35 Big Boys, 28 single count pass the butter, 14 flutter kicks (both legs = 1), 1 minute plank hold


Motivation vs. Discipline. When we say we aren't motivated to complete a task, and don't do the task, we're really saying we aren't disciplined. Where motivation lacks, we must find discipline to complete the task at hand. Think of discipline as a muscle that needs to be worked. The more you work at being disciplined, the less you need to rely on your motivation. Over time, discipline will become your default. Motivation can waver, discipline does not. You can apply this to all aspects of life, whether it be fitness, nutrition, career, family, marriage etc. My challenge is to work on discipline so we don't have to rely on motivation to accomplish our goals.