You’ll prolly get dirty

Sat., Jan. 2, 2021 / 0700 / Copley High School



mosey around parking lot – full body stretches


Started with mosey to grab coupons and then did two sets x30 of curls-for-the-girls (the chatter was something along the lines of the M’s being happy with those) and weighted squats. Teamed up with partner, grabbed one coupon per team and took turns carrying it as we splashed through the mud, over the bridge and up the hill until we came to the dip/upright-row station. Alternated 2 sets x12 of rows and dips. Moseyed through the mud to the back of the school building where we did two-minutes of balls-to-the-wall and two-minutes of wall sits. Moseyed around to the hill at the east side of the building…while one partner did man-makers the other sprinted up the hill backwards and then down forwards. Then switched places and repeated for ten minutes. Moseyed up to tennis courts…one partner did decline merkins on benches while other sprinted around tennis courts. Then switched places. Moseyed to football field for


big-boys – guantanamo


Get comfortable being uncomfortable – the goal in today’s workout was to be wet, cold and muddy as an example of how beneficial being uncomfortable can be – we gain fitness. Let’s try to expand this out to our careers and relationships – where is somewhere where growth and learning is needed but we are avoiding it because it will be uncomfortable and possibly cause pain? “The brain is primed for learning when the outcome is uncertain”. Coffee – Cardinal Bakery in Copley – good coffee and service – we'll definitely be back! Thanks for following me today.