Yoga and cardio

Mon., Mar. 15, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



full body warmup


The Motivator
Sumo squat progression
Smurf Jacks
Downward dog plus
Partner mosey
Lunge progressions (R+L)
Bird dog
Partner mosey
Upward dog
Child’s pose
Chair pose


Announce-o-Rama: Prayer requests/praises: Prayers for the continued healing from sickness and injury for our guys @Maestro & @6 Pack. My thought for the day: concept of net contributor vs. net consumer. F3 is not something that is to be consumed for selfish purposes. It is a gift to be built for others and given away. We are a leaderless group which means we all own it equally. Let’s continue to build this for future FNGs. Don’t wait to be called on, step out with confidence and lead.