KB Ladder

Tue., Mar. 16, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Full body warmup


2 rounds of…
  1. Alternating 1 hand kB swing
  2. kB cleans (L&R)
  3. kB high pulls (L&R)
  4. Kneeling clean & press (L&R)
  5. Squat w/curl
  6. Leg scissors
  7. Anterior shoulder raise with chest press
  8. Figure 8
  9. Turkish Get up


Praises to @Maestro for being a great example to those of us dealing with nagging injuries. He got out of the fart sack and participated in the warm-up and then walked the track. Was great to have him as part of our fellowship! Continued prayers for all the men of F3 recovering from illness or injury!