Tribute to Michael Stanley

Thu., Mar. 11, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Neck Roles OYO

Arm Circles In Cadence

Michael Phelps OYO

Turn and Bounce In Cadence

Waist Bends OYO

Tappy Tapps in Cadence

Bear Squats OYO


Mosey to North East corner of the football fieldMichael Stanivator:  “My Town” by the Michael Stanley Band TAPS (3/25/1948 – 3/5/2021)
SSH and a Burpee every time you heard “This Town” or “My Town” or just “Town”  Duration = 3 minutes 55 seconds Thang:Long Way to the Top:  Partner Hill Work
-PAX 1 Bear Crawls to the Top and runs back down
-PAX 2 Holds a plank
-Duration = 5 Minutes (AC/DC “It’s a Long way to the Top”) to pick up some coupons and circle up in the center of the field for some strength training and eclectic music:
-Merkins X25
-Manmaker X1
-Coupon Squats X25
-Manmaker X1
-Big Boys X25
-Manmaker X1
-Single Arm Row with Coupon X25 X2(each arm)
-Manmaker X1
-Monkey Humpers X25 (4 count)
-Manmaker X1
-Side Crunches with Coupon X25 X2 (each side)
-Manmaker X1
-Coupon Swings X25
-Manmaker X1
-Windshield Wipers over the Coupon X25 (single count)
-Manmaker X1
-Dips using Coupon X25
-Manmaker X1
-Jump Lunges X25
-Manmaker X1
-Curls X  Age (42) + 1 for good luck
-Manmaker X1


329 Reps Total


Saturday beatdown at STVSM and happy birthday to @SloMo who is now officially 42, we almost missed singing to him, but we were able to perform a rendition of "Happy Birthday" in the parking lot before he left. Prayers for the recovery of @6 Pack and seeing him back in the gloom. Prayers for @JarJar's family as they deal with a loss in their family. Prayers for @Maestro, we hope his MRI comes back saying he just needs more time with F3. Thought for today "it is a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll". We are all trying to get better at this thing called life and it easy to become distracted by others arounds us who seem to be climbing faster. The truth is we need to focus on our journey and keep polishing the habits and skills that make us better and when we do that we will make it to the top of our hill.