The Miguel

Fri., Nov. 26, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School





“In Cadence”Exile to Spain
100 yd bear crawl
Plank till the six is inThe Return
100 yd crawl bear
Plank till the six is inFalse arrest
36 side straddle hops
36 yd shuttle
36 Flutter kicks
36 yd shuttle
36 Mountain climbers
36 yd shuttle
36 Coupon squats
36 yd shuttle
36 curls
36 yd shuttle
36 Merkins
36 yd shuttleThe firing squad
1:19 hold bricks in cruciform x 3


Miguel Pro was a priest in 1920’s Mexico exiled due to the vicious Calles laws which made it illegal to hold Christian church services. He was falsely arrested for a crime he did not commit and tortured for his faith. Later he was martyred by firing squad. His final request was for an opportunity to pray and that he not be hooded during the execution. He was shot standing in a crucified position, when that failed to kill him he was shot in the head. His martyrdom is believed to be the first ever captured on film. This was intended to intimidate Christian rebels but instead lead to a strengthening of the ‘Cristero’ rebels. TAPs for @Software’s daughter in her recovery and for he and his M as they parent her through this adversity. @SloMo that the recent challenges in his health journey would not be setbacks but opportunities to grow in strength and faith.