WOD Friday

T-47 Chinook WOD

Fri., Feb. 11, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Finch , Garcia , SloMo , Turbo

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neck rolls, shoulder rolls, seal claps, Michael Phelps, turn and bounce, tappy taps, hillbillies, Bear squats


T-47 Chinook WOD
4 rounds of 6 exercises, 47 seconds on, 26 seconds rest. Chinook Squats, Big Boys, Shoulder Taps, Bonnie Blairs, Pass the Butter, Merkins with hand release at bottom. Moseyed to the 4 corners of the parking lot to do each round.


Lesson I've learned I wish I knew when I was 25 - surround yourself with good people and you’ll achieve happiness and success. I made for a bad choice to follow some bad people early on in business and I paid for it for ten years. Since then I've surrounded myself with good people and life is good. A great lesson for kids too. At this point in my life, F3 is the perfect example of good people. Like minded in fitness, fellowship, faith, parenting, working, living… all good men striving to be better men, together. Thanks for allowing me to lead this am.