Swing Swing and one more thing

Tue., Mar. 23, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Full body warmup


Swing, swing & one other thing2 rounds of 2 hand kB swings 35 seconds on, 25 seconds rest
Seated press L & R
kB rows L & R
Table makers
Flutter kicks
kB Halo
Push ups on kB L & R
Front kB raise w/chest press


Praises once again to @Maestro for coming out to walk the track and participating in the fellowship. My thought for today was around the concept of external feedback. Too often, we rely only on internal feedback. In other words, we “go it alone”. Many times we believe what we are doing is correct until someone externally points out our blind spots. This is true in all 3 F’s. When exercising, it is helpful to have external feedback to make sure we are using proper form so we do not injure ourselves and we maximize the effectiveness of the movements. We can also use one another as external feedback in our lives. Instead of isolating ourselves, being in community helps us to stay on the right path. Spiritually, we have God’s word in the Bible as external feedback if we ever wander off course. Great getting better with you men this morning!