Sunday Fun Run

Sunday Fun Run

Sun., Feb. 27, 2022 / 0630 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , Garcia , Hardware , SloMo

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@Comeback Kid and @Hardware got their 11.5miles in. While @SloMo and @Garcia joined at 0630 to help pull us home. Lots of complaints about soreness from @Icy Hot’s 21, still not as bad as Kid’s Eskimo Run:grin:.


COT: Good conversation all around during the run. At the COT I mentioned some advice I saw online from AAA friday morning during the ice storm. “Don't use a hammer to remove ice from your windshield”, this struck me as such common sense that why would it even need talked about. But don't we do that almost daily in our lives, take some minor issue or annoyance and take a hammer to it. And it just makes matters worse. Thanks for getting me out of fart sack and enjoying a beautiful sunrise.