Sticks and Stones

Mon., Jun. 7, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Warmup: was going to be SSH until  arrived but he showed up on time and ruined the fun:smiley:. Instead 110 SSH in block ladder up

Mobility WOD:  PVC pipe workout, various shoulder mobility and active stretches using pipe.  Add these to our tool belt men, these will be available for all to use anytime.


Sticks and Stones ( aka… Bob The Builder Heavy) Two teams running coupons, logs and concrete buckets down to end zone and back. 3 rounds. (Lesson for all the new Q’s and VQ’s, I actually screwed up the finish points, but since I was the Q.  I was right.:grin:)


6MOS: Stretch recovery, Yin Yoga: 3 min hold pigeon pose each leg.


Knowledge and Intelligence, applying the knowledge we learn to become more intelligent. Something that wasn’t brought up in COT, but I have a Praise and Prayer. Praises for @S'mores’s son Drennan and his incredible victory at State. But also Prayers for the kid that Drennan beat and the heartbreak that he is feeling. Hopes that this doesn’t destroy him but makes him stronger.