The Tomahawk

Olympics F3 style

Sat., Feb. 5, 2022 / 0700 / Copley High School

Comeback Kid


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Started with two laps around the parking lot while listening to the Olympic theme song.
Stretches – the usual suspects: various neck bends, arm circles, seal claps, flamingos and tappy taps


Olympic sport #1 (the motivator – not yet an Olympic sport but I’m convinced it’s not that far away)Next we shoveled an ~40 yard lane per team on the field(this was exhausting and took way longer than anticipated)Dora
– 300 Apollo Ohno’s (Olympic sport #2 speed skating)
– 300 air presses – this was supposed to be coupon curls (curling – Olympic sport #3) but was audibled due to time constraints and a possible pax led mutiny
– 100 mountain climbers – not an Olympic sport but close enoughAs the one partner did the workout the other partner seal crawled (used frisbees and snow disks) down the lane and then sprinted back.

This was a hard workout and I thank everyone for pushing through it.


praises for the beautiful cloudless morning with a bright sunrise! I shared a quote from a book that I like to read when I feel like I can't get through