Let’s Feed Some Kids one way or another…

Mon., May. 10, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Neck Rolls, Michael Phelps, Rocky Rocks, Bear Stretch, Hippy Hips, Flamingo


Monday Motivator from 10Feed some kids on the track…as many laps as possible with possible pit stops at the corners with 50 each of Merkins, Sit-ups or Dips via bench.


3 MOM to Follow…Sit-ups, Toes to the Sky and Shoulder Taps.


FNG…Welcome to @Atari! Great to have you. Message: Embrace Gratitude. Gratitude for F3 and all it provides. So many guys searching for just one of these F’s and we are blessed to have this in our lives. Also Gratitude for what we have especially when thinking about the kids that Grace Race and Feed My Starving Children are saving. Prayer…For the men of this group, for the men that are not yet in this group and for these kids we helped feed today. Appreciate you guys helping me out with VQ Part 2. More to come for me now.