KB Timed Circuit

Tue., Nov. 16, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School





The thang:Hot potato
Seated military press (L+R)
2 band kb swing or Deadlift
Forward/backward crawling
Turkish get ups (R+L)


Announcements: this Saturday, November 20 beat down will be at Mugrage Park in Medina and will be a combined Copley/Medina F3 beat down. Watch for the PreBlast for more info. Please also make it a point to sign up to Q as there are plenty of spots open in November. Prayer Requests: TAPs for @Comeback Kid as he navigates the holiday season with family. Prayers for @Pitfall and his son Nick working through struggles at school and at home. prayers for Turbo’s friend’s mother with health issues and @SloMo for a safe and successful trip to Arizona to help a friend. My prayer for today is that we remember that today, and any day, is far from just a normal day. Everything around us was created by God so perfectly. I pray we live in awe of God’s glory and allow it to transform our hearts and change our motivation to pure love!