5 minutes

Mon., Nov. 15, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Pipe mobility warmup


Squats to the tune of Flowers by Moby5 mins on 1 min off. Do Bodybuilders if PAX finish reps early.
  • Pike Pushups – 75
  • “Strict” Big Boys – 75
  • Squats – 75
  • Push-ups – 80
  • Pass the butter (DNF)
  • Lunges  (DNF)


Announcement - 11/20 AO - Mugrage park- Look for announcement in the channel. TAPs- @SloMo - Driving in Uhaul to Arizona to help move a friend. TAPS for the journey and also for the fam who will be here. (any PAX wanting to practice form for raking leaves are welcome to help out :slightly_smiling_face: ) Thought : Today’s workout was a personal baseline workout - @SloMo - early COVID edition could not do 50 of these in 5 minutes - today I was able to do all the reps and bust out few bodybuilders. Whats the Secret sauce - F3 and being set on relentless forward motion. I have slid back quiet a bit but it stops today. Life is a series of 30 million decisions - you may get a few hundred wrong. Acknowledge, Reset and Forward march. Challenge : Reach out to somebody whom you have not seen post in a while. EH them help them Reset and move forward. Love you guys. its an honor to lead you men.