KB strength and Training

Fri., Aug. 6, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School





The Thang:
  1. 2 hand kB swing
  2. Overhead press surrenders
  3. High plank knee/in or leg kick
  4. Seated presses
  5. Dragon lunges
  6. Thrusters (R+L)
  7. Leg scissors w/press
  8. Weighted duck walk
  9. Twisting planks
  10. Bear Crawls


Announcements: Please remember AO tomorrow is changed from St V/M to Buchner High School for the National African American’s men’s walk/run. Please do your best to attend and wear F3 gear if possible. Keep an eye out for more info on Grace Church’s Feed My Starving Children meal packing event in October. This will be a great opportunity for 2nd & 3rd F (and if you choose a warehouse job maybe even 1st F) but also a great way to serve God and others in need. Praises for @JonBoy’s grandmother turning 90 years young today! Prayers requested for a great event and relationships leading to integration tomorrow morning. Continued prayers for those all those requests from the past COT’s. Today’s thought…instead of having a bucket list of everything you want to do before you die, have a bucket list for things you want to give away before you die. That certainly includes, but is not limited to, money. We all have other resources such as time, talents, skills & abilities we can share with others and perhaps most importantly for some our faith.