KB Circuit

Tue., Jan. 25, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , FLO , Finch , FlyGuy , FrenchLick , Garcia , JonBoy , SloMo , Software , smores

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Full body


The thang:
  1. Thrusters (R+L)
  2. High pulls (R+L)
  3. High plank burpees
  4. Figure 8
  5. Paratrooper
  6. 2 hand kb press w/tricep extension
  7. Alt rev lunge jumps/lunges
  8. Alt row
  9. Turkish get ups


Chapter 3 in Wild at Heart book and field guide for 3rd F @Thursday morning immediately following beatdown. Prayer requests: TAPs for @Software’s friend Dave battling kidney disorder. Prayers for snow removal team at Copley HS. After he said “You guys need to get out of my way” @French Lick gave us all a good reminder to pray for him and set aside our own pride and lift him up. I went and talked to him after the workout and he was actually really cool. Said he's willing to help us any time we need something. Kindness is the way! Good example of iron sharpening iron!