The Tomahawk

F3 Fitness Test

Sat., Jan. 8, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , Crew Chief , Dr.Claw , FLO , Finch , Garcia , Hanson , Hardware , IcyHot , Katniss , SloMo , Software , Stark , WarmWater

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400m jog with various exercises, SSH, Merkins, squats, Arm circles, lunges, Frankie walks


F3 Fitness test
1) Bear Crawl for distance
2) 400m sprint for time
3) Standing Broad jump
4) 25lb dumbell squat press, 1min AMRAP
5) Extended Arm Plank hold for time
6) Clapping Merkins AMRAP
7) Hang Test for time
8) Burpee, 1min AMRAP
9) The Beep Test ( google it:grinning:)
10) Wall Squat, pass/fail


The first quadrant of the QSource is the man must Get Right before he can Lead Right. Todays workout was designed to give you men a goal to strive for, to continue to improve oneself. Each number that you put down to paper needs to be a reminder that you can do better. You can push yourself further. An unfit man is slave to his self control. Prayers for @Warm Water’s grandmother Anne who passed away recently. Cherish her memory and exult in her legacy she has left behind. Praises today to @Crew Chief who put us all to shame in crushing the workouts. He set the bar high for everyone. My excuse is I am just not old enough.