drag and drop

Tue., Mar. 8, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



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Full body ROM warmup, instruction on a stand up


The thang: Started at the goal line a series of mobile planks while dragging the KB along for the ride. 10 yards at a time. Plank forward, from left to right, from right to left, and backwards.
Every 10 yards we stopped and performed one of the following exercises. L 1 arm row, R 1 arm row, goblet squat, L 1 arm chest press, R 1 arm chest press, stand ups, front assault rolls from squat or from standing, backwards assault rolls, after finding ourselves at the 40 yard line we returned to the goal line alternating dragging the KB in the different plank directions. No rest, no coming out of plank!
Since our core was cooked we added 5 reps on each side of the stand ups as our finisher.


Prayers for all of us to overcome challenges such as the workout this morning. Even getting up out of bed and showing up! When facing challenges don't forget to go to our father for guidance and direction. This will ensure we are making wise decisions and keep us on the right path. Prayers for those getting test results back in the next few days and for those that are in the midst of a battle for their health. Make it a great day!