Childhood classics

Mon., Jul. 5, 2021 / 0700 / Copley High School



Q Sez ( Simon Says) penalty was 1 Burpee, SSH, Arm Circles (kids called cadence), Neck Rolls


Mosey to field
Red light/ Green light: ran to 35 , stop and go style, penalty was go back to beginning, next Bear Crawl stop and go style.
Fun with PVC: overhead arm swings, round the world, get downs/getup with pipe on shoulder using no hands with partner
Left/Right game: everyone stood with pipe upright in front of them and moved either left or right trying to grab the pole next to them before it fell, penalty was 1 burpee.
Bobby the Builder: yep ( replaced cinder block with PVC pipe)
Stare/ Stair contest:  single elimination tournament, staring while holding deep squat, losers climbed the stairs.  Winner was ’s 2.0. ( his amateur status is questionable, he was too good)
Tug O War: standard Tug O war at sandpit.  Kids vs  , then families vs  , then families vs  and 
Plank Plank Goose: in circle everyone held plank while the person that was it walked around tapping people on head. When they yelled goose the person jumped up and tried to tag them before they reached there spot.  This may make it to a regular beatdown.


Praises to @Dr. Claw’ brother-in-law who showed up this morning just from a single conversation they had yesterday. Welcome @DonkeyKong! When we are young, games such as today were veiled exercises but also fun and exciting. As we got older we lost the fun and exciting part of exercise and replaced it with work. Try to return to the mindset of your childhood when you workout. Thanks again for letting me lead today , lots of fun!