The Tomahawk

A Crew Chief Classic

Sat., Feb. 19, 2022 / 0700 / Copley High School

Crew Chief


Blitzkrieg , Crew Chief , Dr.Claw , Garcia , SloMo , Software

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We did some stretching in the parking lot, then moseyed to the field and ran some forward, side, and backward linebacker drills for four laps around the field.
Then we grabbed some coupons and did two rounds of:
Deadlifts x 25
Curls x 50
Shrugs x 50
Alpos x 25
Next was calf raises x50
Then we grabbed bricks and did Jack Webb’s
1st round was merkin on the block 1-5
2nd round was dips on the block 6-10
3rd round was dips on the block 5-1
Then we did a bonus round of curls, for a total of 150 curls ( spring is coming soon right?)


Thought of the day. We all are probably carrying around some regrets of the past. We can't change the past, but we can start anew right now and change the ending of where we are heading! ( sorry Slow Mo that we didn't get to do the Iditarod and Balls to the Wall :joy::beach_with_umbrella:)