The Tomahawk

the roadrunner

Sat., Apr. 16, 2022 / 0700 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , Convoy , Garcia , Hardware , IcyHot , Pitfall , SloMo , Software , Turbo

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PVC mobility exercises

The RoadRunner (aka..The Beep Test) thanks for save @Comeback Kid (misplaced my phone). Several Pax PR’d the test with @Garcia pushing the F3 record to level 10! How about you @HAMM, @McGruber @Joanna can anyone challenge?


Climb, Carry, Crawl
Obstacle course: Run to benches and climb over, lunge walk to cone , pull card from Deck of Death and perform said exercise, run to stadium bleachers grab coupon and carry to to top, over and back down, run to benches and army crawl under, run to other cone and pull card from Deck of Death, perform exercise. Repeato as needed.


static balance holds and Warrior pose. Had the Pax try to perform a get down and get up with PVC pipe pulling their arms back. Only @Comeback Kid was able to get down and up. I think @Software fell down, so not sure if that counts :grin:. Thank my M for that one.


The 4th C for today is Consistency. When we become consistent at something we gain proficiency at said activity. This sounds like common sense but how often do we quit too early at something because we are no good at it. Never achieving that level of consistency to get good at it or reap the rewards. My challenge to the Pax is find something small to be consistent at and work at it, develop your discipline, and reap the reward of success. My small challenge is to consistently tell my wife I love her every morning before I leave for work.