Sound of Silence

Thu., Jul. 22, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School





The Sound of Silence
Breath work
Pax took a sip of water and had to keep it in their mouth for the workout, this forced them to breath through nose.
PVC pipe warmup, overheads, round the worlds, arm twists, turn and bounce,rotator stretch, Merkins to failure.
2 lap slow mosey.
PVC pipe overhead squats, legs swings, 90 sec people’s chair
2 lap run at own pace
Wim Hoff 30 exhales with hold then performed Merkins to failure( most improved)
1min Pigeon pose each leg


We all have stress in our lives. Some of the time it is easily recognizable, death in family, work busy, relationship trouble. Most of the time it is the low hum stress that keeps us in a constant fight or flight mode, the dog that needs walked, the chores around the house, the car that needs gas. This is not good. One of the tools that I found to help with this is breath work. By slowing down to 6 breaths a minute, this will help reset the Vagus nerve which controls the fight or flight response. Today’s goal was to make the Pax more aware of their breathing and also to keep @S'mores quiet. Prayers for @Valdez and @Software sons as they go on their trips. Another prayer for @Software’s family as they are sad and proud in @Finkle leaving the nest for college. Continues prayers for @Dr. Claw’s god daughter. Also final prayers for the 8 F3 men running Sat in the Burning River.