Ryan Hummert

Fri., Jan. 29, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Mozy around the track and circled up at the 50 Yard Line
Friday Motivator – History was made!  completed his first motivator without rest. Note: On Cold days, the motivator is a great way to get warm.


Football Suicides – One Partner runs (10 and back, 20 and back, 30 and back…). The other partner completes 7 Burpees, 21 Merkins, and 22 Big Boys. Hold a plank until partner finishes the suicide.
Ryan Hummert was killed on 7/21/2008 and we 22 years old
The “ICY” – In honor of our very own 
One Partner is on the goal line (Bull Dog), the other partner is on the 20 Yard Line (Fedex truck loaded with Dog Treats). The Bull Dog attempts to catch the Fedex truck as the Fedex truck is running backward to the opposite goal line. The Copley Police Blotter picked up reports of barking and howling coming from the Copley Football field early this morning. Switch and Repeat.


15 Pass the Butter
30 Leg Ups


My thought for today was how I have rarely led these workouts and feel as if I came unprepared for my last Q. I was bothered by my leadership that day. I thought to myself about what I would tell my boys if they struggled with things in life. I would tell them to go right back at it and try again. So I have been signing up for more Q’s and will continue polish my ability to lead our group. Prayer requests: · Continued Prepared for @BobRoss as he continues to recover from is bout with COVID · Prayers for @Stark’s Aunt Jane who has COVID. Please help her to recover with minimal impact. · Prayers for @JonBoy and is wife as they prepare for the birth of their baby · Prayers for @Dr. Claw Claw’s friend going through the adoption process and for all children that are displaced · Prayers for @Toe Pick and adoption process he has gone through. Should be Praises! It takes a special parents for that. · Prayers for @Icy Hot’s friend Molly as she recovers from her second brain surgery. Help to give her he strength to fully recover