Medina Copley Thanksgiving Gathering

Sat., Nov. 20, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Warmup by 
Side straddle hops, 80 count burpees, 12 count sun salutations, tappy taps, bear squats, arm circles, single or double leg lunges,


The Thang #1 by 
7s on the hill – start with 1 burpee and then run up and down the hill x 6. Then 2 burpees and 5 hills, all the way to 6 burpees and 1 hill
The Thang #2 by 
7 of diamonds around the pond with bricks
Set of 7 Turkey legs (rotating  jump squats holding bricks ) single count
Set of 14 Gut busters (alternating should taps in plank position with bricks) 4 count cadence
Set of 21 Wing burners (bent over rows with tri kick backs …with bricks of course. 4 count cadence
Set of 28 Breast enhancers (butterfly press with bricks) single count


6MOM by 
Tongue and groove big boys( Medina in single row across from Copley in single row. Medina legs locked with Copley legs. Medina arms locked and copley arms locked. For 5 minutes of group big boys. Medina won with about 85 and Copley had around 80 as a guess. All numbers confirmed and calculated by our accounting expert  .


Welcome @Exposure (sorry for your name) Announcement/prayers . @French Lick is looking for help/funds for Strongsville chamber of commerce. I didn't quite catch it all... @French Lick....please share. @Radio is looking for corporate sponsors for Miracle League for funding of outfield turf for special needs baseball field in Medina. Prayers for @#5 as he is getting married today.Big thanks and shout out to Copley F3 for leadership and support in helping Medina F3 take off. We are thankful for the partnership and also the chance to workout as a group.