Magic Mike

Sat., Jun. 26, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



PVC pipe mobility: various movements to increase shoulder mobilityRic Flair warmup ( barefoot): field was locked so audible to hill.  Run up hill twice, bearcrawl up, crab walk down twice, run while balancing pvc pipe twice. Repeto


1)Dips 2) Merkins 3) Bigbois 4)Squats.  Perform each exercise in order multiplying exercise number x round to get rep count.  Ladder up until need to break up two exercises then ladder down. ( had to audible out of pullups)


Hamstring stretch followed by Pigeon pose.


Vacation is supposed to be a time for disconnect and recharge. I reflected on my inability to accomplish these things. And hopefully by acknowledging the problem I am on my way to a solution. Praises to @6 Pack for running a mile nonstop and his continued improvement. Next stop is a 5k! Praises to @Comeback Kid who closed on his house and takes possession on Wednesday. Coffee at Cardinal on @FLO