Hill Yeah!!

Tue., May. 18, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School





Partner up! Pick someone who you normally would not choose to partner with, get out of your comfort zone!
5 rounds of each of the following exercises, between rounds run the hill with your KB!
  • Thrusters- 5 reps/side
  • Double KB Swing- 20 reps


I can't express enough the importance of having accountability in your life. Accountability from other men who are okay with speaking truth into your life and who you can trust to do that. It starts with taking a step forward out of your comfort zone and establishing relationships that run deeper than the everyday "what's up" message that we are used to. It takes work to build a relationship but it is one thing that we can do to save our other relationships in life. Specifically with your wife. As men, we need to protect this relationship with everything we can. My prayer is that all of us would pursue and grow a stronger and more trusting relationship with other men in our lives. Great job today!