Gloom on the farm!

Tue., May. 4, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Fullbody warmup


Gloom on the farm! Partner up, while partner A is performing a farmers carry (with whatever heavy object is available) around the track partner B is in the “bowl ring” (circle at 50 yd line) performing the following exercises.
  • KB swings x30
  • Alt. Merkins (one hand on KB) x12/side
  • Rengade Row x12/side
  • Lunge pass KB under forward leg x12/side
  • Swing around waist x15 clockwise x15 counter clockwise
  • Pull over with KB x15
  • Bent over row x15/side
  • Goblet squat
 After partner B is finished with ONE exercise he sprints to relieve partner A. Partner A sprints to the bowl ring and performs the exercise and then sprints to relieve partner B. Switch until 1  mile is reached or time expires.


Prayers for all of those that are on our hearts. Praise to all that God provides direction, wisdom, hope.