The Beastmother

Get Garcia ready for Rec Soccer

Thu., Apr. 14, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Banjo , Comeback Kid , Dr.Claw , Garcia , Hardware , IcyHot , JonBoy , Pitfall , Sasoon , Software , Turbo

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Arm Circles x15 forwards/backwards, over head claps, seal claps, Tappy Taps, Flamingos, Abe Vigodas, Baby Cobra


Get Garcia in shape for Rec Soccer:
  • Kick Start My Heartavator – SSH with a burpee on the “Whoa Yeah”
  • Tabata 30 sec exercise / 10 sec rest (10 sets for one round)
  • Round 1 – Coupon Merkins, Squats with coupons , Big Boys, Coupon Press, 3 way lunge left, 3 way lunge right, Wind shield wipers over coupon, Alpos, Monkey Humpers, Mountain Climbers,
  • 25 yard ladder run (5,10,15,20,25), 150 yards total
  • Round 2 – Dips, Coupon Swings, Pickle Pointers, Curls, Jump Squats, Pass the butter, Coupon rows left hand, Coupon Rows right hand, Jump Lunges, Heal Touches
  • 25 yard ladder run (5,10,15,20,25), 150 yards total
  • Round 3 – Derkins, Side to side line jumps, Standing side coupon crunch Left, Standing side coupon crunch Right, Coupon curl press, Squat Hold, Outlaws, Coupon press, Scissors, No surrenders
  • 25 yard ladder run (5,10,15,20,25), 150 yards total


Thought came from the book “Money Ball”, we over value certain attributes like image, money, and status and we under value what really is important and that is relationships between each other. Start placing more value on what is actually important by being there for your fellow man.