Buddy STEP-o-rama

Fri., May. 21, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



neck rolls, ear to shoulders, chin to chest and back, flamingos, bear squats, tappy-taps.


Broke up into groups of 2 (one group of 3).  Started with 0ne partner running up and down entire home bleachers and back to turf to other partner. Other partner was cycling through following exercises on turf while other partner runs bleachers.• Side Straddle Hops x21
• Ankle Touches x21 (alternate touching the opposite ankle with you hand while in a high V plank position)
• Shoulder taps x21
• Pass the butter x 21
• Dips x21Repeat cycle until clear.


F2 next Wednesday at On Tap in Medina/Montville Twp 5:30-ish. Prayers for @Comeback Kid for help with attitude and for God's guidance in his situation. Message today: From Awesome Marriage "If I did not know anything about you and my only source of information was your weekly calendar, what conclusion would I come to about your priorities? When I ask people what their top three priorities are, I usually get some combination of the following: marriage, work, God, family, church. All are good answers, but when I ask them to show me where these are scheduled on their calendar, I usually get a blank stare. I'm not saying these have to be written on your calendar, but if your calendar is so full of other things, your priorities may not actually be your priorities." My challenge to the PAX and myself is to stop making excuses and start intentionally scheduling things into our calendars that are our TRUE priorities (church, marriage, family, faith) like we do with less important things. Thanks for allowing me to lead you today and assisting me when needed (and patience during my VQ).