Buddy beatdown

Thu., Apr. 8, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School

Warm Water


Full body warmup


buddy system run inspired by 2.0 Messi soccer training.
Break up into groups of 3. Always run with a buddy. Each person runs twice before doing exercise. Buddy does as many reps as possible while other buddies run.
Rd 1 abyss merkins on coupons; run to 50 and back.
Rd 2 dips on coupons; run to 75 and back
Rd 3 hop overs (coupon); run to 100 and back
Rd 4 step ups on coupon; run to 110 and back


Motivator from 6


BBSU x 25
Flutter kicks IC with poor counting x30
Pass the butter x15
F3 Superman