Bandwich partner workout

Sat., Jul. 31, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Fullbody warmup


Sally Up and Down Squats
Round 1: Squats, Shoulder Press, Pass the Butter 100 each collectively with partner
Round 2: Deadlifts, Chest Press, Big Boy Pull-A-Parts 100 each collectively with partner


Praises @Hardware for FNG Firefighter, @Stark for brother's who competed in Burning River, @Crew chief for son coming to Q. Prayers @Dr. Claw for God-daugthers @Marcus Bentley (Hot Rocks) for @Lunch Box lost job and connection, @FLO and @Stark for nagging injuries and recovery. @JonBoy for Riley who's father passed away. @S'mores continued prayers for father-in-law and relationship. Word for the day: Surrender, Manifestation and Integration. Q next week will be at Buchtel High School. F3 has been asked to lead the stretching routine for the African American Men's Wellness Walk. We will tell men about F3 and invite them to a Q and participate in the walk. God is expanding Honor, Humbled and Privileged to lead you brother's this morning.