The Motivator

A Garcia Classic

Mon., Apr. 25, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Comeback Kid , FLO , Finch , FlyGuy , Garcia , Hamm , IcyHot , Pitfall , SloMo , Software

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Arm Circles X15 For/Rev, Over head Claps, Seal Claps, Michael Phelps, Tappy Taps, Bear Squats, Flamingos

“Mama said knock you outavator” – SSH with burpees on the “Mama said knock you out” (16 burpees in total)


90’s Hip Hop Workout

Hill partner work – Pax 1 runs up the hill / Pax 2 holds a squat alternating between forwards and backwards on the hill for 5 minutes.

DORA – Pax 1 Exercise/ Pax 2 back pedals from side line to side line does one Bonnie Blair and sprints back

Exercises – Merkins X100, Big Boys X100, Coupon Squats X100, Curls X125

Total 425 reps


Pickle Pointers X25, Pickle Pounders X 20, Pass the butter 4 count X20


Another year has turned and the best wisdom I have is to appreciate what you have. A friend of mine from college is dealing with the fact that her husband has a form of early on set dimension that is terminal. Every day for them is challenging and bring them closer to an end that will be devastating to the family. Enjoy what you have, appreciate the beauty of the world around you, and keep your loved ones close.