Mon., Apr. 5, 2021 / 0530 / Copley High School



Arm circles, Arm swings, turn and bounce, Cossack stretch, tappytaps, flamingos


– Motivator,
– AMRAP (w coupon) 10 curls, 10 OH press, 10 tricep press, 5 man makers, murder bunny to the 10 and back.Announcement: 2.0 workout coming 4/24.


we do everything in our ability to avoid pain. Why? Jesus guaranteed it when He told us in this world you will have tribulation, But take heart I have overcome the world. We as humans have the ability to be extremely resilient. Even when we experience crippling grief or loss... we can find a way to go on. We need that pain, we need that tribulation. We come out here and put our body’s through hell and what happens? It makes us stronger. Just like these workouts, we NEED all the shit life throws at us. We need the grind. We need the fight. W/o it we’d atrophy. Yes, life is hard. Set your mind now to embrace the challenges waiting for you in your day because you know they won’t break you, they’ll only make your stronger. Take heart.