WOD Friday

Murder Bunny Beatdown

Fri., Mar. 11, 2022 / 0600 / Copley High School



Dr.Claw , Finch , Garcia , JonBoy , Turbo , WarmWater

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10 Burpee Block Jump Over,
Murder Bunny to 25 and do 25 Coupon Thrusters, Return back to goal line with your coupon
10 Burpee Block Jump Overs, Murder Bunny to 50, do 50 merkins with one hand on block, 25 each side, return to goal line
10 Burpee Block Jump Over, Murder Bunny 75 yards, do 75 block curl presses, return to goal line
Time had us modify here, skipped the Burpees, Murder Bunny to 50, do 50 Wipers over vertical block


Thoughts shared on finding and living in permanent Joy from the Holy Spirit. This Joy transcends circumstance. Happiness is often confused with joy but is temporary based on circumstances . Joy is like the living water Jesus talks about with the woman at the well, it never leaves you. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Happiness is not. Choose Joy, Always!