Lots o’ steps, but no stairs!

Sat., Apr. 17, 2021 / 0530 / St.V



neck rolls, arm circles, tappy taps, Abe Vigodas, turn and bounce, Garth Brooks led by , arm clasping, car alarm setting flamingos, bear squats


The Workout: mosey/sprints to the 25/50/75 and 100 yrd lines.

The Dozen – 10 reps of 12 different exercises in succession followed by a trip around the field (backwards on first sideline, karaoke the far end zone, run forward up far sideline and bear crawl back along last end zone).  Repeato.

The 12 exercises are:
Air presses
Side straddle hops
Mountain climbers
Jump lunges
Monkey humpers
Big Bois
Pass the butter
Flutter kicks


1MOMHigh plank as group counted around to 60.


Praises for Molly on cancer/tumor free scans. Prayers for @JonBoy ‘s great uncle as he continues healing from surgery/medical issues. Prayers for our country as division and strife continue to fester. We would ask that we continue to build bonds at the community level for better understanding and brotherhood. Message today is that “Unanswered Prayers” is actually the difference between our plan and God’s plan. Garth Brooks’ song of the same name talks about when God doesn’t answer our prayers, it’s because he has a different path in his plan and his answer is the right path. Next Saturday 4/24 open to 2.0s (kids). Plan for coffeeteria and fellowship at SVSM after the Q. Thanks again for putting your trust in me today! Have a great weekend!